Day 5: Goodbye 9001’ers!!

The first exhibit has now ended – it was over in the 9001 gallery which is part of the Sakuragicho JR Station, Yokohama. As this ends a larger show in ZAIM begins which will eventually include my work and the final symposium. Hence, i have had to say goodbye to the phase 1 group – my dinner buddies. The 9001 show was great, he’s a brief overview of some of the work:

Matthew Ostrowski ( presented a work entitled “Spectral city” which “listens to its location, using techniques of spectral extraction and  accumulation to capture and suspend the most prominent pitches.  By slowing down time to reveal space, this piece reveals the deep structures of sound which permeate us, the unique harmony underlying every location”. This piece worked will because it utilized the format of the space well – the gallery is fully exposed to the centre of the station and hence all the station traffic is fully audible. Hence, his work felt more ‘situated’ – it was not merely sat listening to a blank gallery space. 

Hamilton, Southern, St Amand presented “Running Stitch” within which “each individual’s [GPS] route is sewn, as it is taking place, into a hanging canvas to form an evolving tapestry that reveals a sense of place and interconnection. The walker, who is aware of the line they are producing and of the audience at a distance, also becomes a performer of their relationship to a local place”. The final work which depicts the many paths of the participants looks fantastic and even without knowledge of the process i would still enjoy viewing it. 

Terrie Cheung & Brian Kwok presented “McSoundscape” which doesn’t sound as good as it is in their own blurb. Basically they have many recordings of people/groups in various McDonalds through out the world – although Hong Kong is their own focus. These people utilize the McDonald space as their own – they conduct their own recreation within its burger bounds. There are many examples, briefly: PSP gamers club, business meetings and a 24hr hang out for the homeless. 

Next up is one of a few works exploring China. Zhenchen Liu’s “Under Construction – the blurb – “City planners decide to pull down parts of Shanghai’s old town in order to regenerate the city. Every year more then one hundred thousand families are forced to leave their homes and move into buildings on the edge of city. “Under construction” is a two- and three- dimentional flight across the now destroyed living areas of Shanghai which shows how random and brutal decisions can affect peoples’


I’m not too sharp on the old video techniques but this looked great – rendered three dimensionally. The content was provocative too – i guess i’m not quite sure why we have the two together (the style and the content) … hmmm.. i guess thats a question for all this work, including my own.

Finally, DFuse’s video work “Brilliant City” was probably my favorite. Shot entirely from the 34th floor of a Shanghai high-rise: “The camera hovers above the entire panorama and focuses on details in the everyday life of this rapidly changin metropolis.” In particular, we witness a school group rehearsing a march and individuals enjoying a roof top garden. The content is interesting and the sensation, in following an unknown voyeurs gaze, is some what sinister. The piece is of some length, holding sight on particular events for some time – and all the better for it. The zoom motion between scenes is really well orchestrated. My only criticism is that i would have preferred there to be no sound/music –  felt – because i wanted the tension – that it ruined the stark nature – it no longer felt like the watch of one silent character but a team of digital craftsmen. 


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